A “glowing” rejection


A “glowing” rejection — 

Today, I received a ‘rejection’ from a writers’ festival for a manuscript that I entered in their inaugural literary competition. Despite the fact that I didn’t win, I am thrilled that the prize/festival director took the time to provide a considered analysis and brief review of my manuscript. Here’s what I received:

‘Dear Ramon

We have now selected a winner in our inaugural Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize.

May I please thank you once more for entering. We had a tough time choosing one winner, and very much admired your [manuscript]. These are disturbing texts, but well controlled and developed. The strong imagery evolves with force, taking the reader into the “anxious life” you describe so well, towards that sense of hope you leave us with.

We wish you all the best with your future writing.


[Prize/Festival Director]’

For writers, this is a rare and all-too-welcomed occurrence. Other writing comps and festivals usually ignore unsuccessful writers and their manuscripts, making it all but impossible to get feedback and encouragement. What the director of the Bendigo Writers Festival’s Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize did, in only so many words, is one of the most inspiring moments in my writing life. It provides the motivation to develop my writing more and a strong encouragement against the struggles and challenges of this solitary craft. Kudos to the festival director (who is also an esteemed author) and the committee. I wish every single festival, writing comp or grants funding body is as generous as they are.

Some very old stuff from the very old vault

Some very old stuff from the very old vault

THIS POST IS SOOOO LEFT-OF-CENTRE. Been feeling angsty lately and haven’t been posting that much. I was rummaging through some very old files and found one of my very old doodles for a character I was building on (and I was in my late teens, I think), based mainly on what I was feeling. I think I started the doodles back in the mid-80s. This is one of them, in all its pencilled glory: BARNEY BARNES, the main kid character in a series of three books of cartoon strips. I pretty much felt I WAS Barney Barnes.

Thank you, (Amazon) Canada!

NotPoemsJustWordsGOOD NEWS WEEK 2: Who knew? Three weeks of being released on Amazon.com, ‘not poems, just words‘ started popping up in all of the Amazon sites around the world, and in Apple iBooks on iTunes and other online sites. But here’s a GOOD NEWS WEEK 2 post. The paperback is currently #21 in Canada’s Amazon.ca Best Sellers list in Poetry>Love Poems category, and #2 in the Hot New Releases list in the same category. (The lists change quickly and so the reference may no longer be current, but as at the time of this post, the book ranks in those lists.) It’s awesome news, and I thank you, Canada!



Baby steps

This is all a blur, this newfound experience of keeping a blog, maintaining an online presence through this site, and hoping to catch someone’s attention. There will be moments when I’ll be peep-squeak silent (just imagine that I’m imagining what it’s like to have all my imaginations turning into reality); then there will be those times when I will be absolutely frantic. I just hope that everyone who bothers to touch base here will stay tuned or stay for a while and share a cuppa with me at the planks down the riverbank, our legs dangling and half-submerged in the water, thinking of something interesting to say, with more interesting things to talk about than last night’s episode of Revenge or Katy Perry’s hottest song or what Valentine’s Day present you got from your squeeze or your chum. If you indulge me for a moment, I promise to be as interesting as the glitter in your hair. I like to talk about things that may be boring to some, but at the same time very relevant to others. I’ll try to be sensible and smart, but then again, I’m not very bright. Hence, your utmost indulgence. And patience. So, stay.