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Short stories in pocket-sized books!

I am thrilled to receive the proofs for my short story due to be published as a pocketbook by In Short Publishing Co very soon!

To be updated of the launch of these gorgeous pocket-sized books, you can subscribe at:

WTDMA front cover

Haiku love

I love haikus. The simpler it is, the more engaging it becomes. You can find some of my haikus, and other excellent snippets of words and images by writers and bloggers/social media enthusiasts, on and on Twitter at @hotcrosshaiku. From there, you can also join the Facebook group page. It’s a brilliant collective of haikus that you should check out if you love words.fragile heart1


The back cover

Image There are so many things to learn as an emerging writer. One of them is how the back cover of your book will look like. I was quite happy with mine at first but, after seeing the book competing with others on a virtual shelf online or in an actual bookshelf in a store, I now feel that I could have done more about it. Like, I could have used a longer blurb or provided an extract of a poem, or put a more graphic and colourful slide or quotation. Such is life, I say, and it’s part of the decisions one crucially makes in a creative pursuit. There’s always the next book to make up for it (or, indeed, in a second edition). For now, the back cover of NOT POEMS, JUST WORDS, will be as simple as this.