When a publisher comes a-calling

The writer’s journey towards getting published is a difficult path. And the minute a publisher offers to pay you for your writing, it’s time to rejoice. Be wary, but rejoice nevertheless. I’ve only started legal writing five or six years ago. It can be one of the most tedious writing chores one can get into, but not if you love making the complex realities of the law into professional but simple language. For me, it was the push I needed to rekindle my desire for creative writing. To this day, the passion for writing anything creative (be it fiction, non fiction or poetry) is rooted to what I do as a legal author. Last week, I was offered (well, okay, I re-pitched for it, big time) a brand new Publishing Agreement to continue writing more stuff as a legal/academic/scholarly author for Thomson Reuters Australia. The pay is not big, but I get to keep all the royalties this time (I had to share the royalties with two other authors who have now left the writing team) and is enough to feed me on a month-to-month basis (translate: enough pay to cover my food and sundries each month). It’s also not creative writing. But who’s to say I can’t put some creativity in writing about legal decisions and the law? So this is to thank all my lucky stars for bringing me more confidence and more writing work. This is to all the writers out there finding their way towards more creativity. May this blessing spread far and wide.

thomson reuters publishing agreement

The proof is in the …

I’m thrilled to receive the galley proofs / advanced reading copies for my upcoming book. It’s a difficult task, proofing, re-editing, refining something that would end up in the final print of a book. The hours and days and weeks (months!) of reading everything, from cover to cover, down to the tiniest detail is exhausting but all rewarding and worthwhile.

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Amazon rankings for ‘not poems, just words’

GOOD NEWS WEEK – Another shameless marketing update: After being listed online only two nights ago, ‘not poems, just words‘ Kindle Edition is CURRENTLY NO. 1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases in the Kindle Store ‘Love Poems’ category!

It is CURRENTLY IN THE TOP 10 overall in the Amazon Kindle Store eBooks Best Sellers in the ‘Love Poems’ category! The paperback format is still in the Top 40 (at the time of this post) in the Hot New Releases in the ‘Love Poems’ category (achieving its highest ranking of #15 two days after it was listed)!

And get this: It is CURRENTLY NO. 1 in both the Amazon Kindle Store Best Sellers and the Hot New Releases lists in the ‘Gay & Lesbian Poetry’ category and NO. 5 in the ‘Gay & Lesbian>Literature & Fiction>Poetry’ category, even though I didn’t consciously write it for such a category. What will Father Damaso and Mother Superior say, haha! Who knew my name will be listed alongside Allen Ginsberg’s Howl? No gratuitous or graphic passages, by the way.

Amazon has also uploaded the ‘LOOK INSIDE’ feature for the paperback and Kindle editions, so you can all have a glimpse of what’s in store.

You can also get the eBook on Smashwords here:

Here are the links (the listings change quickly, so they may not be accurate anymore):