Husk#3 is out!

Husk#3 (Spring 2018) is now out from Valli Poole’s Blank Rune Press, with a few of my poems, ‘Kidding‘, ‘Not forever (And then it ends I)’, ‘Sampling (And then it ends II)’ and ‘Fallen (And then it ends III)’. Featured artist is Annemarie Szeleczky, with art and words by Annamarie, Leanne Neill, Jan Dean, Jannette Dadd, valli poole, Bee Jay, and the sublime Anne Walsh.

If there is an aim of the press it is that it features artists/poets/photographers from all walks of life — people who have an ongoing commitment and passion for creativity. In the subjective world of art, this magazine has chosen to present an eclectic mix of art and writing from Australia and overseas.”


I am not lovely

‘I am not lovely’ is one of the poems in I Look For You In Other Truths that had a few revisions before it reached its final form. It’s a personal piece, a wish piece, a wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve moment, something that could only be desired nowadays.

‘Fullas’ out on Tincture Journal Issue 15

A brand new poem, ‘Fullas’, appears on Tincture Journal Issue 15 from 1 September 2016. It’s the very first poem of mine accepted by the prestigious journal (after several attempts and missteps). It’s also something very close to me, written after a chance encounter with a member of the indigenous community in Sydney. Here’s an extract as posted on Twitter …

Tincture Journal has subscriptions, too, so you can enjoy great literature all throughout the year.