Poem of the day at Dymocks Adelaide

As NaPoWriMo 2016 draws to a close, I am delighted to know that some things never really become old. On 2 April, the second day of April’s National Poetry Month, Dymocks Adelaide kindly featured ‘For Which I Walk‘ from I Look For You In Other Truths as the poem of the day on their Facebook page (THANKS!). Warms my heart to think my words are still breathing. CLICK HERE for the Dymocks Adelaide Facebook link.



‘Companion’ from ‘not poems, just words’

My publisher and MoshPit Publishing maiden, Jennifer Mosher, reads ‘companion’ from ‘not poems, just words’ as part of their ‘Two Minutes on the Couch with…’ series. YOU CAN ALSO FIND THE FULL POEM HERE OR IN THE WRITING PAGE IN ‘POEMS’.

I am officially in love with Jenny’s flowing hair. The project is the copyrighted material of Jennifer Mosher and MoshPit Publishing. Thanks, Jenny!