‘Histories’ finds a home

I am grateful to Michael H. Broder’s Indolent Books for publishing my poem, Histories, in HIV Here & Now Na(HIV)PoWriMo project as the last poem in the series for this year’s poetry writing fest.

Support this important project to tackle the stigma of HIV/AIDS.




Prepping on Indolent Books’ HIV Here + Now Project

I’m thrilled to again be a part of Indolent Books’ NaPoWriMo HIV Here + Now Project. Here’s ‘Prepping’ published online on 21 April 2018. Not for the kiddies, but certainly for everyone towards a worthy cause.

HIV Here & Now Using poetry and the arts to advocate for a world without HIV or AIDS”


‘Touch me where it hurts’ poem gets a mention in a great interview

Michael H. Broder of Indolent Books and the HIV Here & Now Project singles out my poem, ‘Touch Me Where It Hurts’. Thrilled to be part of this important project. Thanks, Michael!

Check out the poems and Michael’s interview with TheBody.com HERE.

(HIV Here & Now Project logo courtesy of Michael H. Broder.)