Photos that say it all

I’m not a good photographer. I’m an amateur, in fact, but these photos taken on a standard digital Pentax camera, say it all. Proud to have captured these images for my poetry book, I Look For You In Other Truths.

Don’t let it go

“Don’t let it go” extract from I Look For You In Other Truths was published as a broadside by Blank Rune Press in 2016 and distributed in the streets and locals of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Sometimes the cruelty of the modern world can get to us. And some words need to be simply said to remind us what really matters.

I am not lovely

‘I am not lovely’ is one of the poems in I Look For You In Other Truths that had a few revisions before it reached its final form. It’s a personal piece, a wish piece, a wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve moment, something that could only be desired nowadays.

Poem of the day at Dymocks Adelaide

As NaPoWriMo 2016 draws to a close, I am delighted to know that some things never really become old. On 2 April, the second day of April’s National Poetry Month, Dymocks Adelaide kindly featured ‘For Which I Walk‘ from I Look For You In Other Truths as the poem of the day on their Facebook page (THANKS!). Warms my heart to think my words are still breathing. CLICK HERE for the Dymocks Adelaide Facebook link.



Books in a box

I love the smell and look of books that get delivered in a freight box or parcel. I still have these parked somewhere underneath the growing pile of other books in my increasingly cramped apartment. Maybe I should start giving them away, just because I can.