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Books for throwback to small epiphanies

It’s no secret that I’m a book nerd, a book geek, a book addict. I’ve been reading books — big and small — since I couldn’t remember when. There are at least three books that I could recall reading at a very early age. I read each of them when I was in my early teens at a time when censorship was big, at a place where you must choose your reading material carefully (or risk being branded a dissident), at a moment when I was questioning myself and the world around me.

The three books that made a huge impact in me when I was so much younger than today:

LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL — It made me believe in the power of love;

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by ANNE RICE — It helped me understand that the world is full of magic and wonder (and, sometimes, heartache and terror); and

THE FRONT RUNNER by Patricia Nell Warren — It helped me understand who and what I was (and am).

It’s great to know these books are still around to help me memorialise the small epiphanies in my life. What book had a similar impact in yours?




Books in a box

I love the smell and look of books that get delivered in a freight box or parcel. I still have these parked somewhere underneath the growing pile of other books in my increasingly cramped apartment. Maybe I should start giving them away, just because I can.


A book is a book is a book

I spend my weekends trying to catch up on my reading. I read two or three books at the same time (I know, it’s crazy) but it’s also easy to get stuck in one compelling narrative and end up finishing it during the week, ahead of the others. Here’s a new one I’m in love with at the moment: ‘Speak My Language and other stories‘, edited by Torsten Hojer. It’s a thick book but is something I’d surely relish in the next few weeks.



Sleepless book addict

It’s past midnight in Sydney. I should be in bed. But as I write this, I’m also thinking of solutions on how to fit all the books in my already-filled book shelves. The lack of space is now becoming frustrating and I can’t get any sleep just thinking about it. Sigh. Is anyone out there pondering this very same predicament?