Time to question with Michael Burge’s ‘Questionable Deeds’

I’ve finished reading Michael Burge’s memoir about his struggle with marriage equality and came out of it wiser. ‘Questionable Deeds’ is deeply personal and is a fascinating read. If you’re looking for a prime reading example of the struggle of Australians towards marriage equality, ‘Questionable Deeds’ should be on top of your list. Here’s my Amazon and Goodreads review …

‘A thoughtful read, with plenty of valuable points to take when advocating for something deep and true. Michael Burge writes provocatively while providing clear insights into the machinations of politics and the dire consequences of prejudice and discrimination, making the reading of his plight more harrowing and poignant than the usual dealings we make about marriage, death, grief, happiness and personal battles against injustice. In sharing his and Jono’s story in ways that are at once accessible and deeply personal, Burge provides us with the ammunition and takes us on a ride in his quest for the all-encompasing clarity and justice of marriage equality. An extremely worthwhile memoir and an illuminating tool for making a stand.’

QD by Michael Burge


What’s in a(n author’s) name?

As an author, putting your name out there is one of the most exciting things that one could anticipate. But to LITERALLY put it out there, particularly if your name is not a common one or is set out in a language other than common English, it could also be one of the most daunting times in an author’s life. What if your name isn’t catchy enough? Or is too difficult to pronounce, much less spell? (I’ve been called ‘Raymond’, ‘Raymon’, ‘Ramond’, ‘Ray’, ‘Rey’ or ‘Raymundo’ before, and I hated it.)

Deciding on a ‘proper’ author name becomes one of the most important decisions an author could make, if a pseudonym is the way to go. I’m only giving this much thought now because a prestigious journalist and writer — Michael Burge (author of ‘Closet His, Closet Hers’, ‘Pluck’ and the brilliant ‘Questionable Deeds’, all found on http://www.burgewords.com) — has mentioned that I’ve got one of the best author names he’s ever heard. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it gives me more reason to start liking my own name from now on. I don’t despise it but it sometimes makes me think of the possibilities in the literary world if it sounded more Anglicised or common. In any case, I’m happy with what I’ve got — ‘Ramon Loyola, author’. What do you think?

Michael Burge FB post BEST AUTHOR NAME

‘The Heaving Pavement’ is coming

My second book to be released this year is The Heaving Pavement (Epistles on an anxious life) (released worldwide on 1 December 2015) and the first batch of author copies have just arrived! The Heaving Pavement is an experimental memoir on anxiety in poetic, verse, prose and illustrated forms. I hope it brings some clarity to the issue of how anxiety impacts our everyday lives.



Premiere author Charles Raines interviews Ramon Loyola

It’s a pleasure to be interviewed by writer extraordinaire Charles Raines​ on his exciting repertoire / blog full of colour and delight. Charles is the author of several awesome books, including ‘Stranger in Translation’ and ‘The Man with the Mandolin’.

Thanks, Charles Raines!

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