Featured interview and more poems in Husk #2

Valli Poole (writer/author/poet/editor/publisher) of Blank Rune Press has interviewed me as a Featured Poet in new Australian magazine, Husk Issue 2! I’m thrilled to finally have it in my hands. Thanks, Valli and Blank Rune Press!


Essay on Filipino poetry in Cordite Issue 85: Philippines!

Thrilled that my essay on contemporary Filipino poetry is now published in Cordite Poetry Review Issue 85: Philippines! Honoured to be in very fine company! Grateful to Cordite Publishing Inc and editor/publisher Kent MacCarter for letting me become part of this awesome special issue.


Cover by Marikit Santiago | Coca-Colanised (2011) | oil and pyrography on found cardboard | 94cm x 128cm.

Husk #1 from Blank Rune Press

Thrilled to have my new poems appearing in Issue 1 of Blank Rune Press‘ ‘Husk‘.

Featured poet for Issue 1’s ‘The Poet Speaks’ is Robbie Coburn. Aside from myself, there are also artwork and poetry from brilliant peeps, including Jillian Mardin, Glenn Cooper, Rebecca La Luna Turman, Cathy Flower, Lina Krishnan,and valli poole.

Thanks to editor/publisher, Valli Poole, for giving me a voice.

The spoils of war

My story, Broken Things, is about the spoils of war and how no one should suffer its consequences. I am grateful to Pencilled In Magazine for choosing to publish it in its inaugural issue.

Only a few copies of Pencilled In Magazine Issue 1 are available HERE.

Broken Things: In the aftermath of World War II and amid the devastation of the vast Philippines archipelago, the very young Robérto Rodrígo de Montáño and his family have become indirect casualties of war. Refusing to play victim to the atrocities, he sets out to regain old familial playgrounds, armed only with the naivety of youth, the flavour of old memories in his tongue and a steely determination to reclaim his home from the clutches of war. He sets out stealthily towards the ruins of Manila after the city’s liberation from the Japanese Imperial Army, unwittingly bringing himself and his two younger siblings, Miguelíto and Isabélla, across the threshold where reality gives way to the loss of innocence and plants the seed of brokenness that is likely to stay within themselves for the rest of their lives. Broken Things is a fictional but poignant hop to a time when young minds and pure but fragile souls were shattered by the unfortunate consequences of man’s inherent need to conquer and destroy.

Verity La needs your support!

I’m thrilled to be working with the lovely and talented people at Verity La. Right now, it needs you and your financial support!

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