Grief, outside and from within

‘Outside of it, grief is something I know nothing about. Within its grip, it’s something I know a lot about. And it starts like this …’

the short life series

(words and images © 2018 Ramon Loyola)

‘Histories’ finds a home

I am grateful to Michael H. Broder’s Indolent Books for publishing my poem, Histories, in HIV Here & Now Na(HIV)PoWriMo project as the last poem in the series for this year’s poetry writing fest.

Support this important project to tackle the stigma of HIV/AIDS.±-april-30-2018/


Prepping on Indolent Books’ HIV Here + Now Project

I’m thrilled to again be a part of Indolent Books’ NaPoWriMo HIV Here + Now Project. Here’s ‘Prepping’ published online on 21 April 2018. Not for the kiddies, but certainly for everyone towards a worthy cause.

HIV Here & Now Using poetry and the arts to advocate for a world without HIV or AIDS”±-april-21-2018/

The Measure of Skin is also out!

What a whirlwind first quarter 2018! ‘The Measure of Skin‘ is also out from Vagabond Press deciBels 3 series. Thanks to Michelle Cahill and Dimitra Harvey, and to publisher Vagabond Press’ Michael Brennan! Thanks, all, for your support!

‘The Measure of skin navigates the surging waves of anti-identity sweeping the world today, where one’s propensity to stand out in the crowd — because of skin colour and gender persuasion — becomes a howl for acceptance and recognition in the streets where humanity thrives, in the walls where hope breathes, in another’s touch where love resides. They are poems that are not just about love, but of how love and faith in one’s identity transcend the ideals of a normative reality.’


Ramon Loyola, The Measure of Skin (db3)

Husk#3 is out!

Husk#3 (Spring 2018) is now out from Valli Poole’s Blank Rune Press, with a few of my poems, ‘Kidding‘, ‘Not forever (And then it ends I)’, ‘Sampling (And then it ends II)’ and ‘Fallen (And then it ends III)’. Featured artist is Annemarie Szeleczky, with art and words by Annamarie, Leanne Neill, Jan Dean, Jannette Dadd, valli poole, Bee Jay, and the sublime Anne Walsh.

If there is an aim of the press it is that it features artists/poets/photographers from all walks of life — people who have an ongoing commitment and passion for creativity. In the subjective world of art, this magazine has chosen to present an eclectic mix of art and writing from Australia and overseas.”