Pencil in your Pencilled In pre-order!

Pencilled In Magazine Issue 3 is now available for pre-order. Here’s an index of the fab artists and writers (alongside my name) in this fantastic issue on the theme of ‘food’. Edited by Yen-Rong Wong with art direction and editing by Rachel Ang. Pre-order your copy now! (pic and art slide courtesy of Pencilled In on Instagram)




The inconsequential

‘In all the things in life, there remains the inconsequential to the eye. Yet it is often this negligibility that makes it essential. Sweat the small stuff.’

the short life series

(words and images © 2018 Ramon Loyola)

Prepping on Indolent Books’ HIV Here + Now Project

I’m thrilled to again be a part of Indolent Books’ NaPoWriMo HIV Here + Now Project. Here’s ‘Prepping’ published online on 21 April 2018. Not for the kiddies, but certainly for everyone towards a worthy cause.

HIV Here & Now Using poetry and the arts to advocate for a world without HIV or AIDS”±-april-21-2018/