not poems, just words

on loving, living and longing

(2014, MoshPit Publishing)

An ode to words best describes this collection of poems by Ramon Loyola, who deals with the confronting realities of life, love, loss and the search for contentment, and deftly combines the often emotional and sometimes-covert representation of gender identity with subtlety. Stylistic in its utility of words and simple design, the book is also enriched by the images created by the author himself, which are reminiscent of Michael Leunig’s poignant illustrations and serve to complement the tone of the passages. From a man’s meditative recitation of lost love in what he left to the dissolution of voice and identity in companion, Loyola captures the spirit resonant in the works of Robert Frost, Pablo Neruda and W. H. Auden, while embodying a new voice and style of romantic expression in basic, unadulterated prose—quiet and unassuming, yet powerful and full of depth. not poems, just words is a remarkable debut of words that make us stop, go, and stop again to ponder.

not poems, just words is a Finalist in the Poetry category at the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA).

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