Re-post on some midlife existential crisis

‘keepsake’ from not poems, just words is my existential pang of the day. will you remember me at all?


‘the strangeness of the other’

“In contemporary Australian poetry we rarely encounter a poetics that attends to homoerotic subjectivity from the uncomfortable position of shared erasure and material suffering. Ramon Loyola’s The Measure of Skin nurtures the elemental strangeness of the other.”

~ Michelle Cahill, editor/author, introducing The Measure of Skin and the other brilliant titles in Vagabond Press‘ new deciBels series. Now available for order!

Phenomena and poetry in the Philippines

“Contemporary poetics in the Philippines now seem steeped in phenomenology, in narratives about personal struggles with and the experience of diaspora, identity, climate change, poverty, discrimination, feminism and women’s rights, colonial mentality, natural catastrophe, social malnutrition and the lack of diversity and equality.”

You can read my full essay in Cordite 85: The Philippines here:

Essay on Filipino poetry in Cordite Issue 85: Philippines!

Thrilled that my essay on contemporary Filipino poetry is now published in Cordite Poetry Review Issue 85: Philippines! Honoured to be in very fine company! Grateful to Cordite Publishing Inc and editor/publisher Kent MacCarter for letting me become part of this awesome special issue.

Cover by Marikit Santiago | Coca-Colanised (2011) | oil and pyrography on found cardboard | 94cm x 128cm.