Let the shadows stay

‘Sometimes, you can see more clearly in the dark. Let the shadows stay longer, every now and then.’

The Short Life series, words and images © 2018 Ramon Loyola



Husk #1 from Blank Rune Press

Thrilled to have my new poems appearing in Issue 1 of Blank Rune Press‘ ‘Husk‘.

Featured poet for Issue 1’s ‘The Poet Speaks’ is Robbie Coburn. Aside from myself, there are also artwork and poetry from brilliant peeps, including Jillian Mardin, Glenn Cooper, Rebecca La Luna Turman, Cathy Flower, Lina Krishnan,and valli poole.

Thanks to editor/publisher, Valli Poole, for giving me a voice.

A lifetime from now

It’s a new year, and it’s time for some new words and images. It’s also a short life, and it’s also important to make it count. The first of words and images in The Short Life series.

“A lifetime from now, we will be together when bodies won’t matter more than souls bound together in endless space.”