I am not lovely

‘I am not lovely’ is one of the poems in I Look For You In Other Truths that had a few revisions before it reached its final form. It’s a personal piece, a wish piece, a wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve moment, something that could only be desired nowadays.


To talk of death

When you’re talking about death or its possibility, the world seems to turn on you.

(The Heaving Pavement: Epistles on on anxious life (2015, MoshPit))

Makeover cover of Words That Don’t Mean Anything

In Short Publishing Co., publisher of my pocketbook-sized short story single, Words That Don’t Mean Anything, is coming up with seven new titles and doing a makeover of all the titles.

Here’s my new cover, and it’s awesome!!!

Thanks, In Short Publishing Co.! Can’t wait for this!

All the current titles are available here: https://inshortpublishing.com/collections/all