Broadsheet from Blank Rune Press

Blank Rune Press has published a couple of my poems as broadsheets and is distributing them around Melbourne and all over, to send the message that people who’ve had it tough never need to be alone. What a great initiative, great compassion and empathy. Thanks, Blank Rune Press and valli poole!




Talking Writing at the NSW Writers’ Centre

Thrilled to be part of this panel convened by Sheila Pham for NSW Writers’ Centre’s Talking Writing: ‘Who’s Writing Who’, with renowned authors and critics, Michelle Cahill, Julie Koh and Sarah Saleh. I’m nervous and anxious … We’ll be talking writing about and for multicultural Australia at the NSW Writers’ Centre in Rozelle NSW on 22 September 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00pm. Make sure you book your tickets through EVENTBRITE! Here’s a snapshot from the Centre’s newsletter.