Barry Lee Thompson’s amazing short fiction … always worth a read!

Gin drains her glass, and winces. ‘That was too sweet,’ she says. He’s standing an arm’s length away, polishing the bar. ‘You were smacking your lips earlier,’ he says. ‘Well I’m not smacking them now,’ she says. ‘You mixed it too sweet.’ ‘I always mix it the same,’ he says. He moves further down the […]



New project – ‘I Am A Story’

I wrote i am a story as one long poem, an unbroken narration of what makes up life, the colours it reveals and the many wonders it brings. It’s a poem of distilled observations with pure offerings of solace and raw intentions of love.

Each of us has a wonderful story—that tale, the yarn that is waiting to be told in more ways than one—about how the clouds in the sky seem to form shapes that gallop or swing or dance, how the flower on the ground seems to wink as it blooms bright under the sun, or how that boy you see every day on the train finally offers you a toothy smile. It’s not just for kids and the young ones, but also for the keenly aware and the young at heart.

i am a story is about those moments, each one carrying a promise of the day and warm comfort in the cold night.

i am a story is yours and mine, a heartfelt invitation to tell your own tale.

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