Books for throwback to small epiphanies

It’s no secret that I’m a book nerd, a book geek, a book addict. I’ve been reading books — big and small — since I couldn’t remember when. There are at least three books that I could recall reading at a very early age. I read each of them when I was in my early teens at a time when censorship was big, at a place where you must choose your reading material carefully (or risk being branded a dissident), at a moment when I was questioning myself and the world around me.

The three books that made a huge impact in me when I was so much younger than today:

LOVE STORY by ERICH SEGAL — It made me believe in the power of love;

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by ANNE RICE — It helped me understand that the world is full of magic and wonder (and, sometimes, heartache and terror); and

THE FRONT RUNNER by Patricia Nell Warren — It helped me understand who and what I was (and am).

It’s great to know these books are still around to help me memorialise the small epiphanies in my life. What book had a similar impact in yours?





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