Poem of the day at Dymocks Adelaide

As NaPoWriMo 2016 draws to a close, I am delighted to know that some things never really become old. On 2 April, the second day of April’s National Poetry Month, Dymocks Adelaide kindly featured ‘For Which I Walk‘ from I Look For You In Other Truths as the poem of the day on their Facebook page (THANKS!). Warms my heart to think my words are still breathing. CLICK HERE for the Dymocks Adelaide Facebook link.




‘Some Parts’, new poem on BLUEPEPPER

I’m stoked that BLUEPEPPER: Poetry with Bite has accepted and published a poem of mine, ‘Some Parts‘. I wrote it as a mirror evaluation of identity and self. Thanks, Bluepepper!

Check it out here: http://www.bluepepper.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/new-poetry-by-ramon-loyola.html

(Image courtesy and copyright of BLUEPEPPER and Justin Lowe.)


More books in a (shoe)box

These are cute, little pocketbooks of my short story, ‘Words That Don’t Mean Anything‘ published and released by In Short Publishing Company (Melbourne, Victoria). I can’t get over how cute and handy they are.

You can order your own copy through In Short Publishing Company’s online store (hopefully in store soon in various retailers).


(Image courtesy of In Short Publishing Company’s H. Cox and J. Crupi.)

WTDMA in a box

New poem is poem of the day

A poem of mine, ‘Touch Me Where It Hurts’ is Poem-Of-The-Day at the HIV Here & Now Project by Indolent Books. Check it out HERE. The HIV Here & Now Project combines poetry with HIV advocacy. We can all do our bit to help stop HIV stigma and support HIV prevention.

Check out and like their Facebook page HERE.

(Image courtesy and copyright of the HIV Here & Now Project.)

HIV Here & Now Project