… and Action!

I love my movies, but I’m not big on ‘action’ movies. However, watching ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘ had me jumping up and down the couch and pacing like a mad dog. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, with minute-by-minute, nail-biting action and drama happening on the screen. Overall, I feel that it’s worthy of all it’s Oscar winnings.

The Martian‘ is a different species and I found it amusing, funny and inspirational. After watching it twice, it gave me the urge to go back to practising in the sciences. It also made me wonder how many times the world would go out of its way just to save Matt Damon (think ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ and ‘Interstellar‘), even in a fictional way. I haven’t read the book by Andy Weir on which it was based, but I’m sure it’s one hell of a tome. It’s also great to know it was a self-published novel.

Great films, great stories, all worth watching.




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