In Short Publishing Co. shop is now open

There are 18 new short stories by 18 new authors in 18 cute and exciting pocketbooks at In Short Publishing Co.’s new online shop. You can now buy my own pocketbook title, ‘Words That Don’t Mean Anything’ and all the other great titles for AUS$5.50 each!

Check it out here:

WTDMA front cover grab


‘The Heaving Pavement’ is coming

My second book to be released this year is The Heaving Pavement (Epistles on an anxious life) (released worldwide on 1 December 2015) and the first batch of author copies have just arrived! The Heaving Pavement is an experimental memoir on anxiety in poetic, verse, prose and illustrated forms. I hope it brings some clarity to the issue of how anxiety impacts our everyday lives.



That rough feel of book pages

I am smitten over my new pocketbook short story, Words That Don’t Mean Anything, from In Short Publishing Co, the rough texture  and the smell of freshly-printed pages. I’m a tactile person and I like to feel the pages, the way they stick to clammy hands and how the skin could almost feel the letters jumping out of the page. I’d go for actual books over eBooks, for sure.