Social media is not a measure.

Potent reminder for social media fanatics out there from Poppie Oldfield.

How I get from coffee to Wine

Hello loves,

Social media is a huge part out daily routine, I use it everyday, it’s a portal to our friends and followers lives, what they’re having on their toast or who just got engaged. What most people post on their social media is only a small snippet of what’s going on, most posts and interactions are positive ones, how much of a fabulous time they are having, what achievements they have achieved and liking similar happy moments. This is lovely I love seeing other people so happy, however it is important not to measure your own life by the content other users post.


When you are in the middle of life transition or change, trying to find your feet it can be so easy to compare your life to someone else’s, but you have to remember that whats online is such a small part of someone’s life…

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