Pinching back

I’ve been feeling the pinch lately, feeling the burden of the writing life. But then I found this. What an uplifting reminder.



The 5 Reasons I get Happier as I get Older…

If ‘age’ is pinching you as you grow older, here’s an enlightening piece to pinch back with, by my friend, James Radcliffe. Check out his awesome music as well. Bless.

Long past the grim-dark of midnight, in a loud and crowded bar somewhere in the red-brick old town of Edinburgh, I found myself talking with a friend who was well and truly down in her cups due to a recently ‘celebrated’ birthday.

As the conversation unfolded, she repeatedly invited me to commiserate with her on the general unfairness of aging and the perceived dearth of her bright glow youth; to which I replied that, in all honestly, as I have gotten older I have noticed myself becoming markedly happier.

Sitting up suddenly, alert, incredulous, (and swaying not a little) she blurted: ‘How is that even possible?’.

This post is my answer to that question.

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Australians, Let us all rejoice

Creative gratitudes from the participants of the 2015 Bendigo Writers Festival


It’s not just the participants of the 2015 Bendigo Writers Festival we’ll have to thank for the wonderful conversations that will take place on August 7-9. We should also give a nod to the countless others who have inspired our participants to become the writers, readers and thinkers they are today.

When we asked 2015 participants who had influenced their work, we expected varied and interesting responses, but what stands out clearly is the passion for their fellow Australian writers. From Puberty Blues inspiring Kirsten Krauth’s novel just_a_girl to Les Murray’s poetry striking a chord with Opera Australia’s, Lyndon Terracini and bibliophile Geoffrey Cains, there’s a lot of love for the great work that comes out of this wide brown land.

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Congratulations to Ken Chau, winner of Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize

The Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize inaugural winner is here: Ken Chau for his book, ‘Possible Lyrics for Chinese and Western Pop Songs’! Congratulations! Check out the Bendigo Writers Festival for details of the award ceremonies.


We are very pleased to announce that Melbourne poet, Ken Chau, has won the Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize, for his suite of poems, Possible Lyrics for Chinese and Western Pop Songs.

Ken’s manuscript was commended by the judges (Jennifer Digby, Terry Jaensch and Rosemary Sorenen) for the humour, the originality, the control and the boldness of the poems.

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Haiku love

I love haikus. The simpler it is, the more engaging it becomes. You can find some of my haikus, and other excellent snippets of words and images by writers and bloggers/social media enthusiasts, on and on Twitter at @hotcrosshaiku. From there, you can also join the Facebook group page. It’s a brilliant collective of haikus that you should check out if you love words.fragile heart1