Two Passionate, Love Filled, Hope Filled Poems from Ramon Loyola

Thanks to Paulette and Totally Inspired Mind for sharing my poems. It’s not every day that my work gets shared in the blogosphere. You are truly inspiring. I am thrilled and humbled. Gratitude!

Totally Inspired Mind

If And When by Ramon Loyola
When you love,
Let the touch feel your warmth
So that it burns like a flame
In the bosom’s deepest cauldron,
If you love,
Memorize the face that stares,
Its lines drawing all meaning
To all the desires revealed,
When you love,
Let the eyes see your heart
So that it remembers like child
In the mind’s most profound innocence,

If you love,
Cherish the oneness that keeps,
Its grace denying all weakness
To the soul’s unknown yearnings,
When you love (finally),
Let the kiss seal your fate
So that it binds like a chain
In life’s undying memory,
Copyright Ramon Loyola, 2014


Don’t Let It Go by Ramon Loyola

When you feel the warmth of the sun
On your goose-bumped arm
Like the feeling of a frenetic hand
The fingers nimble on…

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Local author

There’s something about finding your own books and creative work in your local bookstore or shop. It’s strange and uplifting, and makes you feel like you truly belong, exactly how I felt walking into Modern Times Bookshop/Art On King in Newtown, NSW, Australia.IMG_0597 IMG_0598

Poems at Modern Times Bookshop Newtown

Amid the increasing number of rejection letters I’ve been receiving, I am thrilled that independent bookstores are willing to sell and stock my books. ‘Not Poems, Just Words’ and ‘I Look For You In Other Truths’ are now available in store in my local bookstore, Modern Times Bookshop / Art on King, which is also one of my fave shops in Newtown. I am stoked and grateful for their unconditional support.o

A “glowing” rejection


A “glowing” rejection — 

Today, I received a ‘rejection’ from a writers’ festival for a manuscript that I entered in their inaugural literary competition. Despite the fact that I didn’t win, I am thrilled that the prize/festival director took the time to provide a considered analysis and brief review of my manuscript. Here’s what I received:

‘Dear Ramon

We have now selected a winner in our inaugural Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize.

May I please thank you once more for entering. We had a tough time choosing one winner, and very much admired your [manuscript]. These are disturbing texts, but well controlled and developed. The strong imagery evolves with force, taking the reader into the “anxious life” you describe so well, towards that sense of hope you leave us with.

We wish you all the best with your future writing.


[Prize/Festival Director]’

For writers, this is a rare and all-too-welcomed occurrence. Other writing comps and festivals usually ignore unsuccessful writers and their manuscripts, making it all but impossible to get feedback and encouragement. What the director of the Bendigo Writers Festival’s Vox Bendigo Fyffe Prize did, in only so many words, is one of the most inspiring moments in my writing life. It provides the motivation to develop my writing more and a strong encouragement against the struggles and challenges of this solitary craft. Kudos to the festival director (who is also an esteemed author) and the committee. I wish every single festival, writing comp or grants funding body is as generous as they are.