NaPoWriMo success and a great, big thanks!

Where I am right now (Sydney), only a few hours remain of the last day of April 2015. I’ve written and posted the 30th poem I aimed for at the start of the National Poetry Writing Month, dedicating myself to posting one poem every day for 30 days. This also means my personal challenge has been a success!

It was daunting and exhilarating at the same time, mulling over words and lyric and structure and form over steaming coffee at 1am or 2am or 3am and typing away on my keyboard. I was tired, sleepless, hungry, ill, scared, dazed and confused. But I pushed on because I knew there were some of you who continued to pause and bother to read my words. In the end, it was all worth it, because it gave me enough confidence to continue writing more.

To every one who ‘liked’ my NaPoWriMo poems and who started and continue to follow me here, I truly, deeply appreciate it. With hand on my heart, I sincerely thank YOU.


~ ramón loyola in lowercase

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