Baby steps

This is all a blur, this newfound experience of keeping a blog, maintaining an online presence through this site, and hoping to catch someone’s attention. There will be moments when I’ll be peep-squeak silent (just imagine that I’m imagining what it’s like to have all my imaginations turning into reality); then there will be those times when I will be absolutely frantic. I just hope that everyone who bothers to touch base here will stay tuned or stay for a while and share a cuppa with me at the planks down the riverbank, our legs dangling and half-submerged in the water, thinking of something interesting to say, with more interesting things to talk about than last night’s episode of Revenge or Katy Perry’s hottest song or what Valentine’s Day present you got from your squeeze or your chum. If you indulge me for a moment, I promise to be as interesting as the glitter in your hair. I like to talk about things that may be boring to some, but at the same time very relevant to others. I’ll try to be sensible and smart, but then again, I’m not very bright. Hence, your utmost indulgence. And patience. So, stay.

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